Currently accepting manuscript submissions

Hello everyone! We’re so excited for the coming year, and we just wanted to share a bit about what’s going on over here at AdeCiro Publications.

We have a great group of authors starting with us this year. G.L. Francis, who brings a wealth of experience and a fantastic imagination, N.C. Halley, and Laurel Pierce. Welcome to the family, everyone!

G.L. Francis has several books speculative fiction pieces slated for publication this year! Her work is such a creatively woven tapestry that we can’t possibly describe it with only a few words. The first publication will be a piece titled Tools of the Trade, which will lead us into the second publication, Suntosun Circus. We’re also going to be publishing a piece for her called Lair of Beasts, and we’re super excited for you to delve into these fantasy world with us.

N.C. Halley will be releasing their first novel in their Ash Hunter series, a Sci-Fi action set, in the next few months.

Laurel Pierce will release the first book in her Vampire Contemporary New Adult series, Ravage the Dawn, later this year.

We are so glad you are coming on this journey with us! Giving voice to these authors is what we live for, and we’re so blessed to be able to share their work with you. Stay tuned for more updates on coming projects!


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