G.L. Francis

GL Francis is an author who’s lived all over the country but eventually returned to her Midwest beginnings.

In addition to writing, she’s an artist, tinker, machinist, and jane-of-many-trades living in Missouri, USA, with her husband and best friend (same person). Many close to her claim she’s an alien, but she’s reasonably certain she is not. (Sort of certain.) (Maybe.) She enjoys caring for her special needs turtles and annoying training her dogs and cat.

A word alchemist and explorer at heart, GL’s first love is speculative fiction, but she enjoys essays and poetry as well. Appearing in collections, journals, and anthologies, her works run the stylistic gamut from traditional to literary to experimental. Her stories tend toward hope amid darkness, sometimes with flashes of humor. Whether writing dark or light, she loves pushing the boundaries of what story can be.

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